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Eclipse of the Sun. Planet Earth

Eclipse of the Sun. Planet Earth

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An eclipse of the Sun is the total or partial obscuration of the Sun produced by the passage of the Moon between the Sun and the Earth. It is only visible in a narrow strip of the Earth's surface. When the Moon interposes between the Sun and the Earth, it casts a shadow on a certain part of the Earth's surface, and a certain point on Earth can be immersed in the shadow cone or the penumbra cone.

The eclipses of the Sun constitute an exceptional scientific research occasion for astronomers. In a year at least two eclipses of the Sun can occur and at most five, of which up to three can be total or annular. Although the eclipses of the Sun are more frequent than those of the Moon, a total eclipse of the Sun can be seen in the same place on the planet every 360 years on average.

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