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A wormhole is a tunnel that connects two points of space-time, or two parallel universes.

One has never been seen and it is not proven that they exist, although mathematically they are possible.

They are called that because they resemble a worm that crosses an apple inside to reach the other end, instead of running it outside. Thus, wormholes are shortcuts in the fabric of spacetime. They allow to join two very distant points and arrive more quickly than if the Universe were crossed at the speed of light.

According to Einstein's theory of general relativity, wormholes may exist. They have an entrance and an exit at different points of space or time. The tunnel that connects them is in the hyperspace, which is a dimension produced by a distortion of time and gravity.

Scientists Einstein and Rosen put forward this theory by studying what was happening inside a black hole. That's why they are also called Einstein-Rosen Bridge.

There are two kinds of wormholes:

- Intrauniverse: connect two points away from the Cosmos.
- Interuniverse or Schwarzschild holes: connect two different Universes.

Can you travel through time?

One thing is that there are wormholes and another very different that can be used to travel in space and time.

The novel "Contact" by Carl Sagan proposed a trip through a wormhole. This made many believe it possible. But it is only science fiction.

Scientists believe that a wormhole has a very short life. It opens and closes again quickly. Matter would be trapped in him or, even if he could get out the other end, he could not return. Obviously, we could not choose where it would lead.

According to general relativity, it is possible to travel to the future, but not to the past. If you could travel to the past, we could alter history, for example, causing us to never be born. It would be something impossible.

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