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Advanced Universe

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Knowledge about our Universe has many levels. If the previous chapter, "Basic Universe", dealt with elementary aspects, in this we will go deeper. Of course, without scientific or professional pretensions since, as indicated by the title of the site, it is about educational astronomy.

To address these issues, you must have prior knowledge. Although we try to maintain a simple language, far from technicalities (whenever possible), some pages of this chapter need a certain level.

We could say that the chapter is, at least, for high school students. Better if, in addition, they are interested in physics and astronomy.

This is the list of topics covered in the chapter:

In this chapter:

Size of the Universe: The Universe encompasses everything known: matter, energy, space and time. The scales in the universe ... Read pageStructures of the Universe: The matter of the Universe is ordered. The force of gravity causes matter to be grouped into structures ... Read pageThe observable Universe: Even with the most advanced technology, we can only see a small part of the Universe ... Read page Types of particles in the Universe: All the matter that exists in the Universe is made up of particles. Each type of particle… Read page The matter of the Universe: Matter is everything that has mass. All matter is made up of particles. They are like tiny pieces… Read page Cosmic radiation: All visible objects in the Cosmos, from planets to galaxy superclusters, emit some kind… Read page Gravitational waves: Some equations formulated by Einstein in 1915 predicted the existence of a phenomenon called gravitational waves … Read page Form of the Universe: The shape of the Universe we inhabit is a very important issue for Cosmology… Read page Models of the Universe: Traditionally, cosmology imagined the Universe as a linear model. That is to say, a unique Universe with a… Read page Wormholes: A wormhole is a tunnel that connects two points of space-time, or two parallel Universes… Read page Cosmology: How and where does Cosmology come from? The human being has always been interested in knowing and understanding the Universe in… Read page