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Anthropic principle

Anthropic principle In 1974, physicist Brandon Carter raised a disturbing idea: the conditions that govern the Universe will always be those that allow intelligent life. Otherwise, we would not be here to observe it. Life is the measure of all things. This argument is known as the anthropic principle.
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Chemical element

Chemical element Astronomy dictionary, letter E A chemical element is defined as a homogeneous substance that cannot be divided into simpler substances. The chemical elements that exist in nature are 92 and can be presented in a gaseous, liquid or solid state. From its union is formed all the matter that we observe in the Universe.
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Photos of the Sun

Drawings, interior of the planets

Drawings, interior of the planets Although 'photos' are titled, the truth is that this gallery only includes drawings of the Solar System, although very interesting: the interior of the Sun, the interiors of the planets and other images of bodies of which we know data , but, for obvious reasons, we have no photos.
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