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Active Universe

Active Universe In the fifth gallery have been grouped photos that demonstrate the activity of the Universe. Photos of collisions, mergers, matter transfer, stellar wind, ... even the elusive dark matter of the Universe. Supernova remnant Collision between galaxies Fusion of galaxies Dark matter Crash between galaxies Binary complex Star conduits Starburst Toroid in black hole Active galaxy Flaming star Hot stars Eclipsent systems Gamma-ray explosion Corpuscular radiation Supernova explosion Photos of activity in the Universe Custom search
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Astronomy in other cultures

Astronomy in other cultures Not only the west looked at the sky. In ancient times, astronomy also developed in other latitudes, both in the East and in the Americas. Studies conducted by paleontologists and anthropologists in different tribes seem to demonstrate the need of primitive societies to keep a record of the events of the sky, in order to obtain knowledge about events such as bird migration stations, recursion of periods menstrual, the need for guidance or influence on animals and plants.
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Is there a ninth planet?

After Pluto's demotion as a planet, we have currently eight planets in our solar system. But Sun's gravitational pull can be felt well beyond Pluto, so is it possible to have a ninth planet beyond…
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Earth photos

Afternoon in Manhattan. A planet full of mystery

Twice a year, Manhattan is dramatically flooded with sunlight, as the Sun sets right at the center point of each street. Normally, the huge buildings that form the gridded streets of the highest district of New York City hide the sunset. This effect makes Manhattan a kind of modern Stonehenge, although aligned at about 30 degrees northeast.
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